Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform. This note serves as a Map of Content for this topic. Start your exploration on one of these notes:

  • K8S NodeK8S Node
    In [[Kubernetes]], a Node is a (physical or virtual) machine in charge of running some workloads. Kubernetes is run entirely on nodes, and everything that happens on Kubernetes cluster, happens on ...
  • K8S ObjectK8S Object
    To see a list of available [[Kubernetes]] objects on your cluster, you can run:

    # all
    kubectl api-resources

    # only namespaced
    kubectl api-resources --namespaced=true

    # only cluster-scoped
  • What happens when you create a Pod in KubernetesWhat happens when you create a Pod in Kubernetes
    Once you run kubectl run busybox --image busybox on your [[Kubernetes]] cluster, what has to happen before your [[K8S Pod]] is running successfully?

    The [[K8S Apiserver]] is the component which re...

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