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[[What happen...
implements CNI(Container Network Interface) to allow third-party networking solutions to integrate with it.

Each CNI solution needs to implement a set of things including, but not limited to:

  • creating bridge networks
  • attaching containers to them
  • assigning IP addresses to containers
  • port forwarding

Kubernetes comes with a set of CNI plugins supported by default (BRIDGE, VLAN, IPVLAN, MACVLAN, WINDOWS). In addition to this, there are third-party plugins like Flannel, WeaveWorks and Cilium.

Docker NetworkingDocker Networking
When running a [[Docker]] container, there are several networking options to chose from:

Runs a container in a completely isolated network. Container can't reach anything outside of it, and n...
does not support CNI standard, so when Docker is used in kubernetes, containers must be created with --network none option in order to let the CNI plugin manage network for them.

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