The Four Laws of Behavior Change

Four laws of behavior change are principles for designing better HabitHabit
A habit is a behavior that is performed regularly, sometimes automatically, often unconciously.

Our brain evolved to "implement" habits to reduce the cognitive load of problems that arise over and...
s described by Atomic HabitsAtomic Habits
Atomic Habits is a system for achieving goals by changing our everyday [[Habit]]s in small ways, leading to [[Continuous Improvement]].

It's based on a Book - Atomic Habits which describes the...

Each law of behavior change is tied to one stage of Habit Feedback LoopHabit Feedback Loop
[[Habit]] feedback loop is a model of the mental process that allows habits to be formed and maintained.

The habit feedback loop consists of four stages:


, telling us how to optimize this part of the habit cycle to reduce the friction and increase the likelihood that a habit will be formed. Following through with all four laws is critical, as a failure at any stage breaks the habit loop. The four stages and their corresponding laws are:

Each law also has its inverse law, which can be applied to introduce friction into the four stages of undesired habits, helping us break them.

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