Fungus (plural Fungi) is any eukaryotic (Eukarya - DomainEukarya - Domain
Eukarya is one of three [[Domain - Taxonomy]] of life in the [[Taxonomy of Living Organisms]].

The members of this domain are called eukaryotes. They stand out from the other domains of life by th...
) organism that belongs to a group of:

  • Yeasts
  • Molds
  • MushroomMushroom
    Mushrooms represent the fruiting bodies of certain types of [[Fungi]] that belong to Basidiomycota phylum. They produce spores, which helps the fungus spread.

    Below the mushroom, inside the soil o...

They are specified as a separate Kingdom - TaxonomyKingdom - Taxonomy
Domain is the second-highest rank in [[Taxonomy of Living Organisms]], that comes below [[Domain - Taxonomy]].

Domains are divided into smaller groups called Phyla (singular [[Phylum - Taxonomy]])...
of life, distinct from plants and animals. The main characteristic that sets them apart from other living organisms is that they have chitin in their cell walls.

Mycology is a branch of Biology studying [[Fungi]].

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is the study of fungi.

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