Mushrooms represent the fruiting bodies of certain types of FungiFungi
Fungus (plural Fungi) is any eukaryotic ([[Eukarya - Domain]]) organism that belongs to a group of:


They are specified as a separate [[Kingdom - Taxonomy]] of li...
that belong to Basidiomycota phylum. They produce spores, which helps the fungus spread.

Below the mushroom, inside the soil or some other substrate, a fungus also has a big network of filaments called MyceliumMycelium
Mycelium is a root-like structure of a [[Fungi]] which is made out of small filaments called hyphae. It grows through soil or some other substrates. It allows the fungus to grow, absorb nutrients, ...
, which is in charge of finding food, growth of the fungus, as well as the production of mushrooms.

See Morphology of a MushroomMorphology of a Mushroom
From top to bottom:


[[Cap (Pileus)]]
[[Gills (Lamellae)]]




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