Kingdom - Taxonomy

Domain is the second-highest rank in Taxonomy of Living OrganismsTaxonomy of Living Organisms
In Biology, Taxonomy is the study of naming and classifying living organisms based on shared characteristics. Organisms are grouped into ranks called taxa (singular taxon), each with increasing spe...
, that comes below Domain - TaxonomyDomain - Taxonomy
Domain is the highest rank in [[Taxonomy of Living Organisms]].

Based on the three-domain-system introduced in 1990, there are three domains of life:

[[Bacteria - Domain]]
[[Archaea - Domain]...

Domains are divided into smaller groups called Phyla (singular Phylum - TaxonomyPhylum - Taxonomy
Phylum is the rank in [[Taxonomy of Living Organisms]], that comes after [[Kingdom - Taxonomy]] and before [[Class - Taxonomy]].

Each kingdom contains a number of phyla:

Animalia: ~31

The number of kingdoms of life that exist is different from textbook to textbook, but generally they are:

  • Animalia
  • Plantae
  • FungiFungi
    Fungus (plural Fungi) is any eukaryotic ([[Eukarya - Domain]]) organism that belongs to a group of:


    They are specified as a separate [[Kingdom - Taxonomy]] of li...
  • Protista
  • Monera

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