"The beauty and significance of life well lived consists not in the works we leave behind, or in what history has to say about us. It comes from the quality of concious experience that infuses our every waking moment, and from the impact we have on others."

Meditation is a mental exercise which gives us tools to examine and better understand our minds, our Model of Conscious ExperienceModel of Conscious Experience
The model of Conscious Experience is a basic way to represent how our mind works, in order to be able to better understand it and more easily talk about it.

Conscious Experience takes two forms of...
and the world around us.

It works by training our minds to enable us to live more conciously than we normally do.

There are many types of meditation which come from different sources, have different techniques, goals, benefits. When I talk about meditation, I mostly refer to Buddhist practices - while there are many different "branches" of buddhism, i'm not focusing on any one in particular, but trying to learn as much as possible from any of them.

Meditation has helped shape my life for the better, and I haven't even properly scratched the surface yet. While its final goal is Awakening, my opinion is that its more than worth practicing even for the low-hanging fruits it offers.

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