K8S Static Pod

Static pods are K8S PodK8S Pod
Pod is a [[K8S Object]] used to run one or more tightly coupled containers and is rarely used directly, especially in production because of the limitations on the number of properties that can be u...
s run solely by KubeletKubelet
Kubelet runs on a [[Kubernetes]] node and is responsible for managing the node it's runnning on. It starts and stops nodes as requested by the [[K8S Apiserver]]. It also updates the kube apiserver ...
on any K8S NodeK8S Node
In [[Kubernetes]], a Node is a (physical or virtual) machine in charge of running some workloads. Kubernetes is run entirely on nodes, and everything that happens on Kubernetes cluster, happens on ...
without any interference from kube-apiserver and other controlplane components.

Kubelet uses /etc/kubernetes/manifests directory to host static pod manifests by default (directory is configurable in kubelet config). Any pod manifests that are put in this directory, wiill be started by kubelet on its node.

You can tell that a pod is static when looking at a list of pods, because it will always have a node name appended to it.

Static pods are especially important when cluster is set up the kubeadm way, because most K8S Master NodeK8S Master Node
[[Kubernetes]] Master nodes (also known as k8s controlplane) are [[K8S Node]]s responsible for managing the cluster. No user processes normally run on master node, this is the job of the [[K8S Work...
components and etcd clusteretcd cluster
Etcd is a reliable key-value [[Database]]. It is one of the most important parts of a [[Kubernetes]] cluster used to store the data of the [[K8S Apiserver]]. It uses [[Raft Protocol]] to establish ...
actually run as static pods.

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