Docker Bridge Network

When DockerDocker
Docker is a [[Container Engine]] that helps people easily develop and ship their applications.

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[[Docker Networking]]

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is installed, it creates an internal private network which is by default called bridge . You can see this network like this:

docker network ls
#> 71f0f1f94055   bridge    bridge    local

While docker refers to this network as bridge, to the host this network is visible as docker0:

ip link
#> ...
#> 4: docker0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc noqueue state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default

Docker accomplishes this by creating a Linux Bridge like so:

ip link add docker0 type bridge

Linux Bridge, while acting like a Network SwitchNetwork Switch
In [[Linux Networking]], the most basic form of a network is two PCs connected with a switch.

In order for machines to connect to a switch, we need an interface on each host (these can be physical...
to the 01 Inbox/Network Namespaces, it acts as an interface to the host. Therefore the interface docker0 on the host is assigned an IP address.

ip addr
#> ...
#> 4: docker0: ... ...
#> ...

Once this is set up, every time container is created with --network bridge, Docker attaches it to this bridge. See Docker Container Network SetupDocker Container Network Setup
Whenever a container is created, [[Docker]] creates a [[01 Inbox/Network Namespaces]] for it.

You wont be able to see it when running ip netns because Docker doesn't create a symlink for it. Let's...
for more details.

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