Black Box Monitoring

Black Box Monitoring is when we look at our system from the perspective of our users – without knowing anything about its internal state.

Since Black Box Monitoring is looking at customer experience, it can show us any currently active problems (e.g., high error rate, slow response times), but it's fairly useless at predicting the soon-to-happen problems – for this we need to use White Box MonitoringWhite Box Monitoring
White Box [[Monitoring]] is when we monitor the internal workings of our system. For example, users have no idea about our current CPU utilization, so that metric is a White Box metric. Its primary...

For Alerting, Black Box Monitoring has a key benefit of being able to warn us only when an issue is contributing to the real symptoms (Symptom Based MonitoringSymptom Based Monitoring
Symptom Based [[Monitoring]] points us to allows us to observe the user experience. A metric is Symptom based if it shows an actual symptom that is making our users happy or sad. We gather Symptom ...

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