Pushdown Automata

Pushdown Automata is an implementation of a Finite State MachineFinite State Machine
One of the most well-known Design Patterns in [[Software Design]]. It's useful when we see a system having a number of different states it can be in, with specific rules of which states can be ...
Design Pattern which uses a Stack Data Structure to store it's states.

The top of the stack represents the currently active state, while the one below it is the state that we just transitioned from. While with the default FSM setup transitioning to previous state would be impossible, with Pushdown Automata it's a matter of popping the currently active state.

An example where this would be useful is if we were working on an NPC AI in Game DevelopmentGame Development
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Status: #🗺️

where this NPC harvests a resource (Harvesting state) and brings it back home once they have enough (Returning state). If an enemy approaches, we will push the Attacking state on top of the stack. If the enemy runs away or dies, we can just pop the Attacking state, and the NPC will go back to either Harvesting or Returning, depending on what he was doing before the enemy appeared.

	Harvesting --> Returning: Full of resources
	Returning --> Harvesting: No resources
	Harvesting --> Attacking: Enemy Approaches
	Attacking --> Harvesting: Enemy Dies
	Returning --> Attacking: Enemy Approaches
	Attacking --> Returning: Enemy Dies

Status: #🌲