In statistics, n-th percentile represents the value below which n% records can be found. It's calculated by sorting a data set and dividing it into 100 equal groups, and then dividing the same data set into two parts where the lower part contains n% of the data, and the higher part contains the rest.

50th percentile of a data set is equal to its MedianMedian
In statistics, Median is the number sitting in the middle of a sorted set of numbers.

// not the actual way to do it, just pointing out the idea
const median = (sortedArray) => sortedArray[arr...

For example, if we talk about Measuring Request LatencyMeasuring Request Latency
Latency is the time taken to serve a request, and is one of [[The Four Golden Signals of Monitoring]].

The most common metric looked at here is usually the [[Mean]] latency, but this can easily be...
, 95th percentile is the time in which 95% of all the requests will be completed.

Looking at the 99th percentile will give us a time in which all of our requests would be completed, excluding the slowest 1%.

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