Linear Interpolation

Linear interpolation (commonly refered to as lerp) is a useful function in the fields of Game DevelopmentGame Development
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and Creative Coding. It's used to get a number on a specific point between two numbers.

The parameters are the start and end of the desired range, as well as t which represents a number between 0 and 1. Setting t=0 would give you the start value you provided, setting t=1 would give the end value you provided, while setting it t=0.5 would give the value exactly in between the start and end.

func Lerp(start, end, t float64) float64 {
	return start*(1-t) + end*t

Let's look at some examples:

Lerp(0, 100, 0) // returns the start value, 0
Lerp(0, 100, 1) // returns the end value, 100
Lerp(0, 100, 0.5) // returns the value exactly in between, 50

Lerp(-5, 5, 0.5) // returns 0
Lerp(100, 10, 0) // returns 100, the interpolation can go in reverse too!

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