K8S Replicaset

ReplicaSets are K8S ObjectK8S Object
To see a list of available [[Kubernetes]] objects on your cluster, you can run:

# all
kubectl api-resources

# only namespaced
kubectl api-resources --namespaced=true

# only cluster-scoped
s used to make sure a certain number of K8S PodK8S Pod
Pod is a [[K8S Object]] used to run one or more tightly coupled containers and is rarely used directly, especially in production because of the limitations on the number of properties that can be u...
s is running on the Kubernetes cluster.

ReplicaSet uses the labels defined in the selector property to find all the pods with the specified labels. Once it finds them, it makes sure that the number of existing pods matches the number of pods requested via replicas property.

If the number of pods is less than specified, it uses the provided template to create a new pod. If this pod has the labels that match the ones specified in selector, it will take this new pod into consideration when counting again.

ReplicaSet doesn't just manage pods that it creates, it manages all pods with a given label, no matter the source.

The actual process performing this work is K8S Replication ControllerK8S Replication Controller
Replication Controller is part of [[K8S Controller Manager]] in [[Kubernetes]]. It is responsible for monitoring the status of [[K8S Replicaset]]s, and ensures that the desired number of pods are a...

ReplicaSet can be a target of K8S Horizontal Pod Autoscalers.

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  • https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/replicaset/