Git Cherry Pit

To completely delete a commit from a GitGit
Git is a version control system used to track changes on files and make it easier for multiple people to collaborate on the same set of files.

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branch you can use the following command:

CURRENT_OS=$(uname -s)

if [ "$CURRENT_OS" = "Linux" ]; then
  git rebase --rebase-merges --onto $1^ $1

if [ "$CURRENT_OS" = "Darwin" ]; then
  git rebase --rebase-merges --onto $1~ $1

The $1 in the above command would be the commit sha of the commit you want to remove. Packing this into a zfunc named git-cherry-pit, you'd use it like so:

git-cherry-pit 8b5515fdf49feea83ad6fe9c0ad4a9e81abe9f86

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