Agaricomycotina is a subphylum of BasidiomycotaBasidiomycota
Basidiomycota are one of the [[Fungi phylum]] ([[Phylum - Taxonomy]]) that belong to Dikarya subkingdom, as they have 2 nuclei per cell. They are considered "higher fungi" along with [[Ascomycota]]...
which holds over 30000 species over 4 classes:

  • AgaricomycetesAgaricomycetes
    Agaricomycetes is a fungi class belonging to [[Basidiomycota]] [[Phylum - Taxonomy]], [[Agaricomycotina]] subphylum.

    It contains the following [[Order - Taxonomy]]:


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  • Bartheletiomycetes
  • Dacrymycetes
  • Tremellomycetes

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